Club Rules

BRITISH WIRELESS DINNER CLUB RULES (Revised April 2003 – fee amended Jan 2010)

  • The Club shall be called “The British Wireless Dinner Club”
  • Membership of the Club shall be restricted to…
    • Serving and retired officers of the Regular, Auxiliary or Reserve Forces who are competent in the techniques of wireless and their extension into signals intelligence, electronic warfare or information technology.
    • Civilians having equivalent officer status and qualifications working in related fields in Defence and National Security. (clause amended 21 Apr 2016 after AGM approval)
    • Those whom the Committee may invite as Members who, in the opinion of the Committee, would by their Membership further the interests of the Club.
  • Life Membership Fee shall be £20.
  • The Club shall have a President and Vice-President, and the management of its affairs shall be vested in a Committee, consisting of not more than ten Members of the Club as well as an Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Auditor and Honorary Secretary, all of whom shall be elected annually. The Committee will meet not less than twice a year. Six to form a quorum. There shall be Honorary Vice-Presidents of the Club, elected for life, from Members who have held office in the Club.
  • Candidates for Membership must be proposed and seconded on the recognised form – which may be obtained from the Secretary – by two members of the Club. These applications must be approved by the Committee who must be given full particulars of the qualifications of the applicant.
  • The Club shall hold at least one dinner and one general meeting annually on a date most convenient to the majority of the Members. The Annual General Meeting, at which the accounts of the Club shall be presented , will be held immediately before or at the annual dinner.
  • There shall be official guests of all of the Club invited by the President and Committee. Additionally, any Member attending may invite not more than one personal guest, who is generally interested in the Club and its objectives. Guests will neither speak on a motion nor be permitted to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Any proposal which Members may wish to put before the Club at the Annual Dinner must be submitted to the Committee through the Secretary at least two weeks before the date fixed for the Annual Dinner and General Meeting.
  • The address of the Club shall be that of the Honorary Secretary for the time being.